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    Saturday, 1 September 2012

    Multi-Alarms Plus Free for blackberry

    Multi-Alarms Plus Free free
    Multi-Alarm Plus is the most advanced alarm scheduling app for BlackBerry® smartphones! This alarm scheduler allows you to create an unlimited amount of alarms and customize them to your liking. Set one time alarms or recurring ones that are customizable for your specific event. Set a reminder every 15 minutes to check the oven, or an hourly one to run for a specific duration. You can have an alarm go off every day at a specific time or set one to run only on specific days of the week. Set a monthly reminder to pay the bills on a specific day or just one to remind you of someones birthday or special event. Whether you are using the alarm to wake up for work or just as a reminder you can customize it for your specific need.

    In addition to alarm customization, there are many other configurable components to Multi-Alarm Plus. Multi-Alarm Plus features custom notifications (unlimited amounts) that lets you precisely set how you want an alarm to go off. Turn on or off sound, vibration, and the LED notifier. Change the volume level of an alarm or set a sound loop if you want your music to repeat or have it automatically stop after a specific amount of time. Even the vibration is customizable, configure a specific pattern to your liking for vibration - have it stop after X amount of vibrate alerts, set the length and delay in between too. With the LED you can configure the color, speed, and the state (blinking or solid LED). With all these customizable features you can really tailor the alarm to your liking.

    * Unlimited Alarms/Reminders
    * Unlimited Notification Types
    * Configurable Alarm Type (One Time, Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    * Configurable Snooze Time
    * Configurable Sound (from SD/Device Memory or built-in sounds)
    * Configurable Vibration/LED
    * Configurable Alarm Screen Colors
    * Configurable Snooze Time on Alarm Screen
    * No need to unlock to interact with Alarm Notifiers*
    * Easy access to alarm/notification options (Double Tap Alarm or Notification)
    * Disable/Enable Alarms
    * 12 Hour or 24 Hour clock option
    * Intuitive easy to use interface

    *Requires no password lock, will still unlock non password protected devices.
    *Free version enables non recurring alarms, minutely, hourly, daily and unlimited notification types.

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